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  • Hello community,
    Today we added a patch which contains the following things :
    PvP :
    dark arrow increased for ex ranger
    arrow storm increased for ex ranger
    dark smog increased for witch and archwitch
    darkness arrow increased for witch and and archwitch
    deadline (rogue) increased 
    increased deadly of ex ranger and single hit power
    increased deadly of nightshadow
    decreased ice ball
    trick swing of higlander increased ( you should test higlander now :D)
    hit rate of elemental increased, life and for elementarist
    summon of ancient weapons increased
    reflection of temple knight decreased
    Shield Chop of knight increased
    Triple bash reduced by a little
    removed elemental defense from archmage skills
    deadly light increased
    cleric healing reduced
    I think it will be better than before, but isn't perfect for moment. W'll make so again some changement if it's needed
    Bug fixed : 
    scythe 210 pvp can be reformed now
    pvp wand fixed
    anti edit stronger
    Items added : 
    News potion "potion of duration", available in item mall, it will make x2 the next buff.
    Damage booster, will make x2 on next simple hit
    Posted by: Administrator | Posted on: 2014-12-30 | Comments ( 7 )

  • Hello


    Here you can read all who changed on server with this update :


    • Anti PK value added in item mall
    • Seal of NS set 90 changed
    • Night Shadow german football costume fixed
    • shout of concentration power decreased
    • triple bash hit rate fixed
    • deadline hit rate fixed
    • windy energy power decreased
    • Old Castle added
    • costume gang pirate, wedding added to item mall
    • special guild rename card
    • The place of Gate Of Hell is now no pvp
    • Old castle affinity added
    • level cap is now 210
    • special mob added to level up and drop craft material
    • The summer event disabled, u can use always use your token.
    • witch and wizard soul effect changed ( caused DC's)
    • Now when u kill someone in Juno arena channel 3 you drop a PvP token and get 1 point of PVP (-/+ 10lvl) 
    • The token that u drop at arena will can be used soon in a special affinity
    • the 210 set can be crafted with material dropable on Old Castle boss and normal monsters
    • The craft system changed to be used for 210 set and weapons (some thing will be added in it soon)
    • Some text bug fixed
    • guild rename card added in item mall, i will create a post to explain how it will work


    And more....



    Don't forget to report bug to be fixed ASAP. Another update will come to include useful PvP token and more..


    Best regards,


    Vorms Staff.

    Posted by: Administrator | Posted on: 2014-09-13 | Comments ( 11 )

  • Hello guys,

    In this update, i added the Vorms Summer Event.

    You can drop Summer Vorms Token on every monsters, that you will can use to LacaBall. By this way, you can get Jewel lvl 15.

    I desactived the Oscar Book to summon because some people used them to get a lot of goal at football event.

    The fallarm 200 is now dropable on Hell Legend.

    A big patch will come soon with new features.


    Vorms LC STAFF.

    Posted by: Administrator | Posted on: 2014-08-06 | Comments ( 13 )

  • Hello

    today i fixed a lot of bugs in game.

    In Game :
    -Royal Rumble NPC fixed
    -C2 football costume with fortune system can now get HP buff
    -Deadly Light of NightShadow fixed
    -Misty Chain of NightShadow fixed
    -Judgement of NightShadow fixed
    -Pain Field of NightShadow fixed
    -(I)Kusgo's shield power reduced
    -The message for receive the ramslo's scroll quest tells right affinity needed (2.000.000)
    -German C2 football description fixed
    -Chappel doors are now fixed
    -More rewards added at Gate of Hell Affinity
    Deadline damage fixed
    -Hard tanker effect fixed

    #Item Mall
    The limited item quantity increased
    The summer Costume added to item mall

    Posted by: Administrator | Posted on: 2014-07-28 | Comments ( 8 )

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